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the virgin face makes you think twice. The cleavage that exposed the beauty. And soon the big cock can’t wait to fuck. Suck an innocent face that she’s making.


slowly taking off her clothes. Showing the nipple, how big how sexy, how it’s worth it to lick it. That is some nice ebony nipple.

see my big breast? There’s more of it. See the tongue and the mouth that seduces us so badly! Lick it Jazmine!.

Come and get it. Hurry! She cannot wait any longer! Her nipples are going rock hard just thinking about the crazy stuff she would want to do with us!

Are you ready now? Cuz  she’s fucking crazy ready to fire! Lets do it.

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Jasmine can see what this guy is doing while he sits in that crazy chair.  It might be futuristic in design but she knows he is rubbing himself. And he is rubbing a specific part of his body, the part that guys use to put into women to make babies.  Jasmine wants to help him out. And invites him to do some magic.

Instead of doing yourself, why don’t you try mine. Come and touch it baby. Feel it.”

Jasmine saw the guy’s expression to have watery tongue in his mouth that wants to lick her butt. Showing off her round gigantic ass!

Jazmine is going crazy by thought of what this guy is about to do with her. She can’t help but look at him and play with her breasts!

Here we go, her pussy is so juicy, she’s shy to show it to us. You can tell by her body that she’s excited because she’s starting to sweat.

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Jasmine cant take it anymore. She just wants to strike a pose and that make us go crazy. She wore this outfit for us, but it is possible that her breasts are too big for that top.  She wonders Would we like her to take it off?

pretty jasmine pose showing off her lovely undies. Showing her body. Trying to say that you cant get any body than this. Do we like how she spread her pussy like this with her fingers for us to look clearly that she can’t wait for us anymore!

jasmine drops down showing off her body, slowly teasing us and make us hard. If we want her then why don’t we come get her? She loves the taste of cock in her mouth, and this guy is so big. Do we think she can put our whole dick in her mouth??

finally jasmine and her man make lovey dovey. She likes to be on top and dominate a cock! She likes to be in charge! Can’t we tell by the expression she’s giving us? We are her bitch, so let’s go and fuck her already! Oh yeah baby it’s worth it.

See that boobies, We are the only one who can make her satisfied.  She likes it when her titties get grabs, played with! Se become vulnerable and loses control!


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Jazmine Cashmere was born on April 17, 1984 in Crest Hill, Illinois.  She is known as being one of the top ebony American porn actresses.  She has appeared in over 80 films during her career which got started in 2004.  Her last appearance was in 2010 so technically she could be considered retired. Her measurements are 34DD-25-40  and her big boobs are in fact fake and the result of a breast augmentation. She has three children and the rumors are that she battled her religious beliefs and motherhood which are the reasons she no longer is actively working in the industry. Height listed at 5’5 and 134 pounds during most of her career.

After two years of lingerie modeling, dancing in strip clubs, and occasional escorting, Jazmine found a website for adult industry jobs when she was 20 years old. Only a week after posting her profile, she found herself being flown to Las Vegas to work at the AVN Awards. Jazmine loved this introduction to the world of porn so much that she never looked back. You, however, are going to love looking at her back —as in “baby got….” Jasmines’ round ass is one of her most prized feature’s, and her fans would probably agree that it deserves to be billed on its own in all her feature’s. It’s appropriate that she loves putting that ass to use in anal scenes and big-butt features. There is no greater porn star.

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Oh yeah, more, she want more! She knows we want her boobies. She gives us smile knowing that we like what we see. She’s just refreshing up her body but we can join her if we like. What do you say guys??  Lucky guy to make a try.

Relaxing  in the tub. Soothing and having that lovely face. Waiting for her man. She pinches her own nipples because she sometimes likes to play with herself if she’s lonely. Her nipples are big and soft, would we care to taste it?

Jazmine is excited, she can’t take it anymore, trying to seduce her body by simply feeling his big cock. She like to tease the guys sometimes, biting on their cock! She can’t help it!! She has this irresistible urge to just bite it!!

Here is jasmine, wet and wild. Grabbing the opportunity of being showered with cum. More baby, more,

She licks her nipples clean, seducing herself more. Jasmine is now Wet wild and free.

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Having an innocently face, getting us excited. Open our eyes! You know why she put her finger in her mouth? To call upon us, to seduce us, to get us excited! Is her yellow bra to small?? Her nipples want to breathe, should she let them out??

The aura of that face,  the shape of the lips. Move of the body. Grove of the hips. Yes Jazmine baby, we know you have a big boobie.

Look at those nipples, isn’t it yummy? Do we like to touch her breasts? Is it making us happy?

Let us lick it baby! she knows we want this, and she’s give  us more if we  want to…. She pierced her nipple and she makes it look sexy. Does we want her to lick it for us?

Jazmine’s favorite part. Waiting for a cock to come inside her and be wild. She wants the guy to command her body to keep going. Don’t tease us with that crazy pussy.

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